Moving Day!

Hi, all! I’ve finally launched my blog on my brand-new website. You can keep up with my posts, new experiences, and photography over at

Fortunately, I have a many more opportunities and capabilities with the new website. Unfortunately, I can’t move my followers with me. I’ll be closing this site soon, but I encourage you to click the link above and check out the new A Farm Kid’s Guide to Agriculture!

Thanks for sticking with me as I work to become a better writer and agvocate. If you’d like to keep up with new posts, please give me a follow on the new site. :)

A Farm Kid's Guide to Agriculture


I Got My Start in 4-H

One of the first posts I wrote for this blog. Re-posting in honor of National 4-H Week this week.

A Farm Kid's Guide to Agriculture

Throughout my college career, I’ve had lots of people ask how I got into agriculture. While the obvious answer may be that it was because I grew up on a farm, that’s not where I developed my interest. Of course, I knew a lot about agriculture because I lived on a farm, but I kind of just took it for granted, much like we would treat having cable TV or Internet. The organization that allowed me to discover my interest in agriculture and basically steered me to my future career path was 4-H.

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What Happened to Learning?

I read a great article today. It’s part of the discussion the National Geographic magazine is hosting this year that explores food, specifically looking at the future of our food and where it comes from.

You can read the article for yourself here. It’s a discussion between three food writers about why we need to bring back home economics (now known as family and consumer sciences).

I’m 4 years out of high school and fresh out of college, and in the first few months of my full-time “big kid” job. This article really made me think. So I conducted an experiment.

The question: How many times do I use algebra in a day?*  Continue reading

My Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List 2014
Summer Reading List 2014

It’s summer! I’m finished with college and still a few weeks before I move and start my new job, so that leaves me with plenty of free time (you know, between my two part-time jobs I’m holding down at the moment). I’ve decided that it’s finally time for me to read for fun again. Crazy, right?

Considering I haven’t read a book that was not an assignment for class in nearly four years, this giant stack is quite an undertaking. Some are books that I bought and have been meaning to read for a while and others are ones that I discovered last week wandering around the bookstore. Some are fictional, some are ag- and food-related, and a few are for personal and professional development. Check out my list below and feel free to comment with additional recommendations. :) Continue reading

Graduation Realities

I graduated from Illinois State University with my Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Communications and Crop & Soil Science on Saturday. Double major, department honors, university honors, magna cum laude, lots of involvement and professional experience for my resume- the whole shebang.

Graduation Selfie!
Graduation Selfie!

I also moved back home indefinitely for the first time since starting college. I don’t have full-time employment. Not even a job offer in my field.

This is the reality today for most of my fellow graduates. But it’s hard to be too worried about it this time of year. Things are exciting in agriculture right now: springtime means farmers get back in the fields, 4-H and FFA programs are in full swing, and we hear about the latest technology being developed for next year. Lots of college graduates are joining the industry that they love. I get to see corn growing from my bedroom window for the first time in what feels like forever. Baby animals are everywhere being their adorable selves. What’s not to love about springtime? Continue reading

New Beginnings

Happy Easter!!spring

Easter is traditionally the time of new beginnings and signifies the true start of the spring season. Warmer weather is finally upon us, grass has greened, flowers are begining to grow, and farmers are antsy about getting into the field.

This year is different for me. I’m graduating college and am standing on the edge of leaving everything I know. Continue reading

Farm Kid’s Traveling the World!

I’ll be traveling for the next two weeks, so you won’t see many regular blog posts. I’m going to England with my family to visit family that lives there and check out the sites. I’ll try to blog a bit about it over in the “Travels” section and post pictures when I can. It’s not an agriculture trip, but you can bet I’ll find something ag-related over there to talk about in coming weeks. 

So if you’re into traveling, be sure to click on the travel page. I’ve also moved my first-ever blog to that section, which was my trip to Panama and Colombia on an ag tour in 2011. Lots of pictures to browse through.

Also, I’m running out of blog ideas, so if you’ve got any topic suggestions, be sure to Tweet me (@iheartag14) or email me at Thanks! :)