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Hi, all! I’ve finally launched my blog on my brand-new website. You can keep up with my posts, new experiences, and photography over at

Fortunately, I have a many more opportunities and capabilities with the new website. Unfortunately, I can’t move my followers with me. I’ll be closing this site soon, but I encourage you to click the link above and check out the new A Farm Kid’s Guide to Agriculture!

Thanks for sticking with me as I work to become a better writer and agvocate. If you’d like to keep up with new posts, please give me a follow on the new site. :)

A Farm Kid's Guide to Agriculture


What Do Farmers Do In The Winter?

Many assume that winter equals vacation time for farmers. I mean, we see them busy out in the fields in the spring and fall, so why wouldn’t they spend the off-season in their recliner?

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The American Farm Bureau Federation announced recently that the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner for ten will cost just under $50.00, or about $5.00 per person.

Thanksgiving fact

I’m thankful for the relatively inexpensive cost of food in America and that I get to spend Thanksgiving at home with my family. What are you thankful for?

Wine Bottle DIY: Santas and Snowmen and Christmas Trees, Oh My!

I’ve been really busy the last few weeks preparing for my church’s biennial holiday craft bazaar. Now that it’s over, I can finally share some of the crafts I’ve been working on and instructions on how to do it yourself!

As you may know, I like wine. Fortunately, many of my friends do, too. They helped me collect nearly 60 wine bottles in a few short weeks to complete these adorable Santas, Christmas trees, and snowman decorations. Turns out that recycling (and emptying the bottles) can be fun!

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Four Food Buzzwords and What They Really Mean

“All natural”

“Locally grown”

“But it’s organic”

“I only eat grass-fed beef”

We’ve all encountered these phrases, whether they came up during conversation or were printed across the produce bin at the grocery store. Do you really know what they mean? Continue reading

What it’s Really Like to be a Farm Kid

I’ve talked before about growing up on a farm. It wasn’t the glamorous “up every day at the crack of dawn” or “I have to feed my livestock every single day regardless of bad weather or holidays” lifestyle some farm kids experience.
I grew up on a corn and soybean farm, so my family was able to go on to occasional summer vacation and I got to sometimes sleep in on school holidays.

Previous blog posts about being a farm kid have talked about the highlights of the rural life (See 10 best things about being a farm kid), but what’s it really like to grow up on a farm? Continue reading

I Got My Start in 4-H

One of the first posts I wrote for this blog. Re-posting in honor of National 4-H Week this week.

A Farm Kid's Guide to Agriculture

Throughout my college career, I’ve had lots of people ask how I got into agriculture. While the obvious answer may be that it was because I grew up on a farm, that’s not where I developed my interest. Of course, I knew a lot about agriculture because I lived on a farm, but I kind of just took it for granted, much like we would treat having cable TV or Internet. The organization that allowed me to discover my interest in agriculture and basically steered me to my future career path was 4-H.

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