Wine Bottle DIY: Santas and Snowmen and Christmas Trees, Oh My!

I’ve been really busy the last few weeks preparing for my church’s biennial holiday craft bazaar. Now that it’s over, I can finally share some of the crafts I’ve been working on and instructions on how to do it yourself!

As you may know, I like wine. Fortunately, many of my friends do, too. They helped me collect nearly 60 wine bottles in a few short weeks to complete these adorable Santas, Christmas trees, and snowman decorations. Turns out that recycling (and emptying the bottles) can be fun!

Wine Bottles

These are fairly straightforward to make, but here’s a list of materials I used:

  • acrylic paint for glass (aka, don’t pick up the cheapest acrylic paint on the shelf)
  • twine
  • buttons
  • ribbon
  • gold rhinestones
  • small, gold jingle bells (mine were about 3/8″ in diameter)
  • paint sponges (believe me, they work a lot better than brushes)
  • hot glue gun

And some tips:

  • Try washing off the wine bottle labels in boiling water, most glue will peel right off.
  • It’ll take at least three coats of paint to cover the bottle completely. Wait 2-4 hours between painting the next coat. It’ll feel dry to the touch after about 30 minutes, but be sure to wait to avoid peeling off the previous coat.
  • Use round sponges for eyes and ornaments, especially if, like me, you’re not the most talented painter on the planet. :)
  • Definitely use sponges instead of paint brushes, if you can. The sponges hold more paint and don’t give the bottle a streaky look like the brushes sometimes do.
  • Try some variations, like using glittery fun foam to make hats for the snowmen.

Have any questions? Want to show off your finished product? Comment below!

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Disclaimer: I did browse through Pinterest to discover that I could, in fact, create things from empty wine bottles. However, these are my own creations. Please feel free to recreate at home as gifts, but please link back to this post when sharing on social media. Thanks!

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